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Selasa, 11 November 2008

TaKde Keje Cari Kerja!!

Salam n nyte sume readers..

Tonite me n my frens feel so bored.tomorrow we will have 4th paper for final exam. argghh..when this final will end???Me suddenly feel wanna to remove clogs on my nose. Then I went to toilet and cleaned my face.Then put the Biore Cleansing Strips Pore Pack Black on my nose. After 20 minutes, I pulled it off...Hahaha...long tyme not to do it..

Suddenly fani said she wanted to do facial...lalalala~..all of us joined her. We put the Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang on our faces like ghost!!!so whity!!!hehehehe....lebih kurang mcm minah salleh kt bwh ni

All of us cannot say a word because the skin is so firm..even cannot smile!!lalala~
I dunno how much time I have to wait to clean the mask.its already about 15 minutes..K laa...wanna continue my study for CRE1 tomorrow.bye2...

c u in another posting!!!

3 ulasan:

  1. masing2 mesti jadik cm hantu kn

  2. xde la hantu sangat....hahaha.tp lawak je tgk muke masing2..tp thn ketwawa je.nk tnye soalan kne tulis at krts laa

  3. game bru ek??ha3..msti tknan exm ni..keke..gdluck2..


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