Sabtu, 20 Julai 2013

Restock:Collagen Dust Peptan and Gogen

Assalamualaikum dears,

Ada orang email aku tanya aku dah tak jual collagen ke? Eh, aku aku tak jual la dengan harga dua singgit macam Mail dalam Upin Ipin... ahaks!

Aku dah restock Peptan and Gogen collagen dust. Jadi kepada sesiapa yang nak Peptan and Gogen ni, laju-laju email aku di Nak raya ni, sempat lagi kalau nak kulit cantik. Teeheeee......

Siapa cepat dia dapat yer!!!!!

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Jumaat, 19 Julai 2013

Beadings: Crumble Design

Assalamualaikum dears,

Sebab ada lagi 15 minit sebelum eksperimen berakhir, jadi aku nak update entry satu lagi. Sebenarnya aku nak update pasal Beadings (memanik, menjahit manik samalah tu) tapi gambar aku amik tak cun la pulak. Lepas tu aku lupa nak snap gambar yang dah siap. Tapi aku upload la jugak sebab aku bosan.

Ni semua kat bahagian lengan. Customer tu nak lengan jer. Naseb baik nak lengan jer. Kalau nak seluruh baju, aku tak tahu sempat ke tak aku nak siapkan dengan sibuk buat eksperimen lagi kat lab ni. Aku pernah jer bawak kotak beadings aku ke lab pastu aku menjahit kat lab ni.. Hahaha... nasib baik tempat aku kat belakang. Jadi orang tak nampak projek aku. 

Tu semua gambar tak siap. Yang dah siap, ada manik-manik kecil warna putih berteraburan di hujung lengan.

Aku ada lagi 2 helai tak jahit manik. Satu baju baby dan satu lagi baju mak baby. Baju baby ni kene jahit reben jer. So, sempatlah sebelum aku balik kampung ni, aku siapkan semua tempahan. Balik ni, aku ingat nak jahit manik kat baju peplum aku pulak. Nak buat biskut raya lagi. nak pasang langsir lagi, nak kena tolong mak aku sembat baju-baju yang ada kalau dia tak sempat...

Hmmmmmmm...banyak kerja aku rupanya kat rumah ni.

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Yuhuuuu....Salam Ramadhan!

Assalamualaikum dears,

Hari ni dah berapa hari puasa ek? 10 hari kan? Aku dah lupa..sebab aku bukan jenis suka mengira.. Wakaka.. Apa pun, selamat berpuasa kat semua orang Muslim.

Aku tengah bosan ni sebenarnya. Aku tengah tunggu eksperimen aku siap dalam setengah jam lagi. Lepas tu kena run lagi 15 minit. Lepas tu simpan dalam chiller, then boleh balik makan! Eh, tunggu azan dulu baru makan. 

Setiap hari aku baca blog. Semua orang duk update juadah berbuka. Juadah sahur tak ramai orang update. Maklumlah lebihan juadah berbuka semalam. Hihihihi.. Aku tak nak update lagi juadah berbuka aku. Sebab nanti aku stress tengok lauk hari-hari lepas dalam keadaan aku tengah lapar dan sejuk dalam lab ni.

Meh, aku nak tunjuk something......

Jap..tengah cari gambar dalam Dropbox.

Mane yer?

Tadaaaaaaa nama dia Biskut Raya okeyh. Aku dah buat biskut ni sehari sebelum puasa lagi. Gigih tak? Sebab aku nak bawak ke Kuantan biskut-biskut ni. Aku nak bagi ustaz Nizam (guru mengaji aku) dan family angkat aku kat Paching Selatan.

Biskut ni simple jer cara nak buat. Biskut ni pernah menang tempat kedua untuk pertandingan yang dianjurkan oleh Marjerin Daisy. Aku sudah lupa mana aku cilok ini resipi. Tapi aku bagi kredit kat tuan punya resipi ni. Resipi dia memang senang yang amat. Tapi nak menghias tu tak mudah yer... Mihmihmih..

Aku mintak ampun awal-awal dari tuan punya resipi kalau dia marah aku publish gambar biskut ciptaan dia. Tapi gambar ni original aku buat okeyh. Tu tengok backdrop bersepah dengan kerja-kerja jahitan mak aku.

K lah... selamat berbuka semua. 

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Isnin, 15 Julai 2013

Conference POCER 2013, Awana Hotels and Resorts, Genting Highlands Part 3

Assalamualaikum dears,

We met again in Part 3 of POCER. I think this is the last part. 
The last day was so fun and wonderful. I do not know what other conferences did for it social events, but this one was so different, thrilling and exciting. 

The organizer did some outdoor games at the field track. Yes, we were still in Awana Resorts. The weather was so good and chilled. 

We had four games that windy morning. We were grouped during registration before the games started. I was in Group 2 with Ain from UMP. The other members were Terry (UNIMAS), Wen from China and a Philippine boy whom I did not know his name. Hahaha...

The first game was like in Running Man missions at its early episodes. You know the games where some members need to see the picture, the other will draw it. It sounds easy right? But the thing is, it was so hard because of the language. Wakaka... If all the members can speak Malay, then it will not be problem. However, it was really fun.

These girls lined up here supposed to describe the pictures.

Ain was describing the picture to Wen and Philippine boy. 

Do they understand?

Me waiting at the drawing site.

Me and Terri as the sketchers.

Me and Liya were gazing at each other. Fight to win!!!

Wen's face during describing to us. So hard to understand his slang.

When the Philippine boy described, we blurred! Hahahaha... deng!

Actually the picture was really simple. It was basically arrows pointing to some directions. But the picture need to be drew in 2D not single lines. =P
Points deducted there.

The second game was Passing the Pingpong ball using a string. We were given a string and need to bring the ball without tied it up from a starting point, passing a few obstacles and run back to starting point. The core here was to design the proper carriage to bring the ball without slipped. That was challenging but Terri did it. She helped us in this situation.

Me getting the ball in the basket we made. Run for it!!!!

We managed to get 15 points in this game as we started earlier than the other group. *Wink wink*

The next game was to find our own flags. Some alphabets were written inside the flags and we need to find our group alphabet which was B. The group who can finish this task in the given time will be getting more points.

Wen was flipping the flags to see the alphabets inside.

Terri go Terri!

Sera. Me and Ain were exhausted behind.

The fourth game was mini rugby. Hahaha.. yezzzzzaaaaa.. rugby okeyh! It was a kind of new weird experience for most of the girls because we never played this before. We need to snatch the ball from other group and passed it to our teams and make sure to score the goals! This game was really tiring yet so fun! We were just played not to focus to get the points. Hahaha...

So sweet. Me and Dr. Denny. *Blush..blush*

The final game was Tug-of-War! yeeeeeaaaaaaayyyyyy. Deng! At first I was so worried because my team were not so strong and we just have two boys. At last the committee volunteered to team up to fight the opponents. Good for us!
Get ready to pull!!

This was the my round with Hidayah's team.

Happiness faces when we win 2 rounds out of three.

What actually we were looking at???

At 11.30 am, all games ended. We had our morning tea and closing ceremony afterwards and photo session also. My group only managed to get consolation prize. I think other groups score a lot in rugby and drawing session. Muahaha...
My team and Dr. Denny

All participants and committee members

Hidayah and Erin

My team

The one who walked away is the one I did not know his name until now. But he gave all his best in the games. Thank you friend.

Me and Dr. Denny again. I think I like him and it did cross my mind to make him my supervisor for PhD. hahaha

After that, we went to the apartment and packed up. We actually already late for check up but we asked for another 30 minutes times extension. Weeeeeeheeeeeeee....

After checking out, we went for sightseeing at Genting Strawberry Farm. Of course there are lots of strawberries inside and there are also Lavender farm up there. The view was so breathtaking and eating strawberries in the farm are really exciting. You need to buy first before you eat. You can also pluck them yourself but there is charge. I think it is RM8 for 100g of strawberries you plucked. In the way out, there were a lot of souvenir shops selling magnetic fridge, keychain, hats, caps, shirts, flowers, vegetables, and other things.  So, enjoy the pics!

The ripe red strawberries. Yummy and delicious!

My friends


The strawberry shops.

The unripened green strawberries

So tempting!

View from top

Red bush

The beautiful roses are along the path. 

View of strawberry farm from Lavender farm.

The purple lavenders

This one is behind the Lavender shop. 

To enter the Lavender farm you need to pay RM 3 per adult person.

Do not forget to come here if you visit Genting Highlands. This place is thousand times better than casino. hahaha...

After that, we drove back to UMP. We had our lunch and solat at Genting Sempah.

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