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Selasa, 25 November 2008

Program Rakan Muda IPT: Anda Pilih Bahagia Atau Sengsara

Hmm… Where should I start? Let me begin by introduce you about this programme. Rakan Muda programme is launched in order to involve the youths to the society. Youth will work together with local communities to carry out various activities. This involvement will raise the role of youth in society and bring about overall development to communities. One of the programme is the Program Rakan Muda IPT: Anda Pilih Bahagia Atau Sengsara.

The objectives of this programme is to:-
• To give knowledge about the drug abusing among society today
• To tell the society about the consequences of drug abusing
• To increase the involvement of society in minimizing the drug abusing at any level
• To increase the unity among society by encouraging them to involve in activities

This programme is a done with cooperation with Ministry of Higher Education by IPT students, national agencies as well as private agencies and local NGOs. The IPT students act as volunteers, who will give the service in motivating the youths that joined the programme. They were chosen to be catalysts and pioneering this programme based on their ability in intellectual, communication skills an cooperation with society. The intellectual sharing is expected will increase the awareness of society about drug abusing.

UMP has been chosen to conduct this activity in Besut, Terengganu. 20 students have been given the responsibilities to be facilitators. They are selected by the interview session about 4 months ago. I was invited by the Project Manager to be the logistic committee member for this programme. I did not think twice, then I accepted his request. That time, I did not think about other committee members as long as I do not know them. Its OK as long as I have Sazwan, my little brother.

Actually why I accepted his request erk??? I think it is because he had mentioned before this, most of programme he joined in UMP, I always there. Hehehe….Expoconvo’08, KAFs, K-DIDIK, Program Bubur Lambuk, Journey to Phuket and now BBD. They did the meeting to discuss about the programme while me and Sazwan at Phuket. So, I never know them until the final exam finished! Huhu… sory geng! However, I always helped Sazwan in doing the modules for the faciliatators. Seriously, I think I should learn more to be a good facilitator and preparing the modules. My knowledges are not enough yet. So, I need to join more activities like this. I’m offering myself to be with you in any programme!!Hehe….

the facilitator with the participants

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