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Rabu, 5 November 2008

Step on the Earth

What should I say?

the Sun arise
I woke up earlier
put on the attire
walk down the stairs
with my weak legs
stepped on the earth
breath in the fresh
God still give me the chance

What should I say?

My heart keep beating
My mind keep thinking
My soul keep asking
Is this the true path??
Will I turn back?
Or just keep going?
Oh my dear GOD...
Please do help this mankind

What should I say?

The adrenaline keep running
the heart keep pumps the blood
But the brain lack of Oxygen
It blunt the mind!
The eyes catch the eyes
the warm greet touch the ears
Now I'm facing the real

What should I say?

The Sun shine brightly
the Wind blows the heart
the ants walk slowly
the bees lose the 'buzz'
the trees keep waving
Are all these the sign?
The universe seems tolerate

The confusions held me tight
force me to decide
keep asking deep inside me
Am I ready to step forward?
Will I get hurt?
If it does not right

Now I'm back to the Earth
God won't let me down
these questions will be answered
whenever it will be
I'm sure Allah will always be by my side

Oh Allah....I need your favour
Please untie these knots
Guide me to the true path
I believe in you in each the heartbeats.

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  1. yeah..believe in ALLAH
    may ALLAH guide us
    luv u za...


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