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Selasa, 25 November 2008

my story on Rakan Muda IPT Anda Pilih "Bahagia @ Sengsara"

This is the 1st day of BBD, we woke a little bit late. Hehe…. That morning, we finished things to be done for the registration that afternoon. Suddenly, we were told that we could not use the main hall for our activity because some clash with a tournament. Not enough with that, we were asked to move to new secretariats room. We started to feel uncomfortable with the management there. After Zohor, we all got ready to welcome the participants from Setiu.

They are really different with what have been told by the management. They are not so bad. They look sincere and still childish. Respect to us the facilitators. We were very surprised to hear salam from them. I was the one feel ashamed suddenly. Supposedly, we start the salam first. They did not rebel when we did the custom, seized and saved their stuffs after registration. The custom was to make sure that they did not bring cigarettes, jewelleries, handphones, moneys and dangerous things. After Asar, they were briefed about activity that night. Then, they had dinner. After that, they back to their room to refresh themselves. At 7 p.m., they performed Maghrib and Isyak jamaah. They have Majlis Ucapan Aluan from Hajah Rokiah. I was not there because I was busy preparing the things for Ice-Breaking after that. At 10 p.m., the Ice-Breaking started. They needed to do find their groups, their facilitators and did activities in group. We finished the activities very late. The secretariats did pull their faces already.

After supper, we had post-mortem. Ape lagi….kene bamboo laaa….hampeh tul la urusetia. They complaint the way we run the programme. All we did is just listened to them at that night. Some were right, but more were not right actually. They should not condemned us and laughed at us. Is that a good behavior??? Laugh to other people who are still learning??But, it’s OK. First day…be patient! We did sentry that night. My team was the second one. We rounded the blocks and sit at musolla until 4.15 a.m. Effa felt asleep while sentry. Me and Nurul still reading the novels. The weather was not so good. The rains fall heavily. We couldn’t get to our room. So, we slept at musolla for a few minutes. When the rain became slowly, we run back to room and woke Che Pah and gang for sentry. She was mamai….hehehe… then, I continue sleep. ZzzZZzzzZZz….

ketibaan peserta

"akak ni x ngaku la dia kakak fasi kite"

-hafiz,aku n maarof-pencarian fasilitator berakhir

The 2nd day BBD, the rains fell heavily. We couldn’t do the outdoor games. After treasure hunt, they were asked to build a high and strong tower. Various shape of tower we could see. The winner got the BBD badges as token. They felt very excited. In the afternoon, they have slot ceramah about Dadah. I was assigned to be in secretariats room. I have kept the room cleans with K. Dila help.

For the Operation Castello, it was cancelled because the rains still heavy outside. We continued with the Life Graph. From this activity, we could hear and detect participants that have problem. Some of them cry when told us about their life. The facilitators should ready with this situation. At night, they listened to an ex-drug abuser from Pusat Serenti Besut. That man told about his life a little bit. He asked the participants to ask questions as many as they could. The participants looked very interested in his story. The session ended at 10.30 p.m.

We continued the post mortem after that. There were a lot of unsatisfactions regarding to the secretariats. We thought that they would do their job as secretariats only, but they were too much when interfering in the facilitating part. They asked us to do like what they said. They seem looked down the participants very much. They actually did not involve with the participants at all. They would show up during meal time and certain time only. We rebelled that night!! Sazwan la yg jd mangsa….we sentry again that night. My teams’ turn would be the last. Hahaha… you know what happened that night??? Scroll down and continue reading…

-pencarian harta karun berakhir!-

-bestnyer abg jun suap-

-discuss nk bina menara-

-antara menara yg dibina-

-penceramah utk slot kisah benar-

On 3rd day BBD, I woke up at 7.10 a.m. and felt very confused!! I supposed to sentry at 4 a.m. I looked around. I saw Effa and Nurul still sleeping. Why there was nobody woke us up to sentry last night??? I woke up and washed face. I went to Nadz room and ask explanation. Huhu… they did not sentry last night rupenye… I run to the musolla and saw the girls were awaiting us. They asked me and Effa a lot of questions. Haha..damn shameful!! Then, Mem came and replace us. The unforgettable moment la that day.

I entered the lecture room and found out that K.Imah was presenting about Rakan Muda. The participants knewa a lot about Rakan Muda. They have joined a lot of Rakan Muda activities before this. At 11 a.m., we departed to Kuala Besut for the next programme, the exhibition and the Community services at the village. The rain did not stop. It is continuos from yesterday. We have some activities there. They really enjoyed their day. They became very close to us minutes after minutes. I was with my team doing gotong-royong in Musolla nearby. Eventhough it was raining without stop, we finished our task well.

We back to KRM about 5.30 p.m. Something funny happened to me, Effa and Nurul. I laughed at Nurul because she back to KRM but she did not have room key. Lili kept the key. We reached to my room and when we tried to find out my room key, I was realized that my key was in another bag and that bag in K. Aida and K. Dila room!!!!! Huhu…so, the it was Nurul’s turn to laugh at me! Hahaha… we couldn’t stop laughing remembering our story..

That night, we were served with the performance by the participants. They were very talented. We did not expect they could do the act so well. We were really impressed that time. Az and Elli were announced as the Best Actor and the Best Actress respectively. My team got number 3. I congratulated them upon their work hard. Congratulations my dear!! For the last night, we decided not to sentry but we needed to wake up earlier to wake them up. Then, we went to bed. We were sorry to all facilitators because the unexpected things happened earlier morning..hehehe…

-timbang bola tinggi2-

-pertandingan makan biskut jagung-

-posing je lebih drpd wat keje-

-group KATAK perform for malam kebudayaan-

-me with my KATAK's gurls.tetibe rama-rama sesat kt situ-

On the last day, I woke up at 5.30 a.m. and went to musolla. We performed the Subuh prayer jamaah. After that, we were allowed to get back to room and prepared for the Physical Training. I returned to room at 6.30 a.m. and get back to call them for PT at 7 a.m. I waited Sazwan’s call before directed them to somewhere else because it was still raining, but there was no information from Sazwan. I called Sazwan and he cancelled the PT because the weather was not so good and there were no enough space for other activity. He asked us to go breakfast at 7.30 a.m. Then, me and Nurul chatted with the girls. They were so funny.

After that, we went to Dewan Makan to have breakfast. We waited for the boys until 8 a.m. but they did not show up. Before that, Nurul already woke Sazwan up, but then we knew he continued his nap! Mem and I decide to go to boys hostel and woke them up. Hahaha…seriously they are still sleeping at that time. Mem managed the participants and me went to the boy facilitators rooms and woke them up. I called Azman to make sure he woke up.

The worst thing happened that morning was the first slot for this morning would start at 8.30 a.m. and at 8.15 a.m., Mem told me she did not know what to do. Huhu…. She told me that the projector is with En. Amir…jeng3….nice thing to hear!! Then, I asked her to wake up MC or she just prepared to be MC. She said she did not mind. I ran to En. Amir’s room to ask for the projector. Thanks God, I met K.Imah on my way to his room. I asked K.Imah to get the projector from En. Amir. Then, I ran to lecture room and set up for that slot. K.Imah came and gave me the projector and Sidi came brought his laptop. Effa came at last to be the MC. When everything is ready, I called the presenter to enter the lecture room. I realized the drink for the presenter is not served yet. I asked Nurul to get it from the secretariats room. At last…we did our job very well. Who might think that actually most of the facilitators have not taken their bath yet. The ‘kelam-kabut’ situation has been solved with the cooperation, toleration and willingness to help among of us. Thanks to all.

For the closing ceremony, I did not attend because I was called by the secretariats to group the UMP stuffs at one side and JBSNT stuffs at one side. Then, it was the peak of our patience to JBSNT and secretariats behavior. They denied our rights from having stuffs and apparatus of the programme. I was told that the stuffs are ours not theirs. They unsatisfied with us. They seized a box of A4 paper from us in front of us without discussing with us! How immature them in handling this thing… Our problem did not finish. We lost a walkie-talkie. We looked for it all around KRM and bus. We did ask the participants if they mistook. You know who and where it is found?? En. Amir found it under the sofa in lecture room. It was very impossible the walkie-talkie was there!! You think sendiri la…..after that, we left the KRM Besut without saying goodbye to the secretariats. Some of them did not show up in front of us. I reached home at 8 p.m. that night and fell asleep very soon.

-maaruf,me n KATAK-

-plus zaim,man,n wan-KATAK mmg disygi..hehehe..

The Program Rakan Muda IPT: Anda Pilih Bahagia Atau Sengsara is the best programme I have ever joined. Why? Because I worked with different peoples and facilitate the youths. I was very happy to know the SRM team and others. They are nice actually if we treat them nicely. We could be very close at there. I love you guys. Sazwan, thanks for giving me chances to be a part of this team…. You are really a naughty,nice brother of mine!!

-my brother Sazwan bin Sahar-

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  1. haha...lawak2...mcm2 kerenah birokrasi nmpknya.huhu...bangun lmbt, tertinggal kunci, amik gmbr kat surau...sume tu wat org lupa pd pakcik boncet yg xbrape nk ramah tu..hahaha....nnt ley wat aktiviti len plak..bez,,,,-nurul-

  2. nice story from u,zaa..haha.mmg xpat lupe lynan 'best' yg kte tima dri JBSNT tu.mcm la kte ni budak kecik xreti pape..huh!i'm so frustrated n ashamed act..ko xtau cter bai..sedey seyh..mentang2 dia kecik mcmtu..dia rse x dihargai oleh certain2 person ttg keje2 dia(not going 2 mention names of anybody k).smpai dia rse xbest lgsg program tu..aku lak yg terasa sbb aku yg ajak dia nk wat camne..aku pn xtau org jbsnt tu mcm tu..plg xpat lupe time kte nk balik tu la..da la xde sape2 wakil jbsnt yg send kte balik,tmbh ngan walkie-talkie nye hal lak..sgguh xsopan n xtau trima kasih..boikot aku org jsbnt!!(geram tol ble ingt) stil byk kngan manis program tu..huhu..thanx zaa..^,~v (with luv..NADZ:P)


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