Jumaat, 6 Jun 2008

2 days in UMP...


it has been 2 days I'm in UMP. Too much things happen in these two days. especially matters about expoconvo...huhu..

I tried to settle many things b4 they get worst. last night, we (MT) sit down to discuss a few things. It was a long meeting becaus we did not meeting in proper way. hehehhe...each of us try to make fun of every single things we friend, who was waiting for me said that she did not belive we had such a long meeting like that. a meeting should not exceed more than 2 hours!!!

today, i dunno what to do. i woke up this morning and feel nothing..hehe so sleepy and so lazy. this afternoon I will meet representative from a company to discuss on t-shirt. i will try to negotiate with them to get the lowest price. So, we will see the result this late afternoon.

My alang, Anjang, Uteh, Adik, Awe, Ucu, Ayie n Cikma are not here. they are having their holidays at home. Hapy holidays guys!!!

so hungry......wanna get my lunch......bye2


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