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Selasa, 27 Mac 2012

Pantang betul dengan penipu!

Assalamualaikum dears,

Hidup ni betul-betul mengajar kita tentang perangai manusia. Ada manusia depan kita cakap baik-baik, nampak so decent, but actually NOT! 

Susah sangat ke nak bg tahu the truth at the beginning of friendship or relationship?? I think at the beginning is the most suitable and the right time to become honest. Because that time, you are starting from afresh. You do not know each other. The friendship/relationship you make is for getting to know each other. But, how the friendship/relation can last long if there is dishonesty between these two sides??

Knowing the other partner lying to you is really heart-sickening, especially when the friendship/relationship is half way to go. Here, you will find doubts, unsecured, untrustworthy in your friendship/relationship. Then, you will start thinking negatively about the partners. You are just adding the ice on the iceberg (hahaha...phrase ni aku reka. jangan tiru utk essay dlm exam. fail nanti), when you are supposedly cracking the ice slowly to see what's inside.

To all readers, please do not be like this. Just be honest with your friends, your partners, and your colleagues. Like your mother and father being honest to you since you are child, the love is just growing bigger and bigger towards them right??

P/s: sorry la tajuk in Malay, entry dah bercampur bahasa.

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  1. ayooo garangnya kakak. wassup wassup?

  2. alololo... ciannye dia.... biasa la tu kat dunia mcm2 ragam manusia ade.... so kene slalu beware, agar x terluka lagi and just be good girl bcoz, good girl akan jumpa ngn good boy jer....hehehe... *ade kene mengene ker ayat akhir tu???? :p

    to Puan Atiqah: jgn kepo2 ekkk.... (konon baik la ni :p... )


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