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Isnin, 21 Mac 2016


Assalamualaikum dears,

It comes back! The cough. I think the cough just went away a few week for a holiday. Now it comes back for work in my throat, trachea and lung. So pain.

Doctor said the virus or some kind of bacteria are too strong living/dancing/partying/napping in my body. The doc already gave me drugs for two weeks to be eaten without excuses. I obediently ate those drugs without fail. And it worked! But only for a few week~   -___-

Actually I think I would not be sick again if my hubby did not give his virus to me! He returned home for vacation a week and obviously very sick. I think he bled his throat as he cough, the blood came out as well with the phlegm. Poor him. I cannot bear seeing him very sick. At the end we both ended up sick together, battling whose cough is harder and louder! Hahaha...

As I am not well these days, my mood has become wild too. I tend to live alone, does not want to talk to anyone. I am in the do-not-disturb-me-mode. Because when I talk, my throat will feel itchy and uncomfortable and I will start to cough like crazy woman. That's why I do not want to talk. Just whatsapp me even you are just inch away from me. *Sigh* My bad... Sorry colleagues!

My bff now

I always drink a lot of water to reduce the sore throat and to cope with the hot weather.  I just cannot eat anymore medicine because I will sleep like a baby then. 

Alhamdulillah, weather in Kuala Terengganu is hot but not superhot like in Perlis. I heard the soil is cracking and the temperature goes up to 39 degree celcius. Like an oven! So peep, drink a lot of water ya~

O Allah, please grant us husband and wife a good health so that we can live our life normally and can resume our work after this.... Please Allah~

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