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Selasa, 18 Disember 2012

International Nights Universiti Malaysia Pahang 2012

Assalamualaikum dears,

Last night, I went to International Nights 2012 at Astaka UMP which is organized by International Office and 1 UMP 1 World Committee. This programme is an annual event which involves all international students from different countries for introducing their cultures and to foster the spirit of cooperation and unity between students and staffs.

It is a great platform for them to introduce their cultures and traditions. The theme was 'Colours of the Worlds'. It was a splendid night for me because I felt like I was in Libya, China, Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Palestine, Yemen, India and Korea. Hahaha.. nice!

So, enjoy the pics!

Please focus on the banner. Like its theme, the banner was also colourful. I loike~
On the stage, they were students from India. You see the little boy on the stage. How excited was him last night. From Bollywood movies, I knew that Indians love to dance. They can dance anywhere and anytime. The dance on the stage is the common dance I watched in movies. (Rasa nak menari jugak jer malam tadi..hahaha)

Above pics show how happening was the last night event. So many people, shows, dancing and singing and of course lots of foods! Weird foods~ Erk...
The girls in cheongsam (Malaysian called this apparel, cheongsam, but I don't know the true name of it!). Anyway, they were doing some strings showcase. Actually I do not the name of games because it was so loud last night. MC was talking, but the audience voices arte louder than the speaker. So, how to listen well??, have fun je la..  Just watch and see they enjoyed themselves.

Hidayah and Naniey got presents in lucky draw session. How lucky they are. Congrates roomates! The second picture is the pic of my roomates. I just went to the country booths for picture snapping jer. (Tak sempat nak baca pon. Seronok sangat tengok gelagat manusia)

What is this baby's name eh? I forgot. I just knew she is the daughter of Syahid Ali and Mayra. Syahid Ali is from Pakistan. He married Mayra, a Malaysian who is my friend's cousin. How lovely is the baby right? So cute and sporting!! She was a star last night~ Hikhikhik

The first two pictures were taken with my Indonesian friends, Iin, Irma and Apit. They are students in FIST. The third pic is Dr. Abdurrahman Hamid Nour with his daughter and wife. The fifth pic is Naniey and her 'lovely' sister.. Hahahaha... And the last is students from China.

These pics was the traditional fashion showcase. They wore their own traditional apparels. Sorry dears, I do not remember which countries are they. Hihihi.. I just can identify a few only. The third is from Sudan. 4th is from India, 6th is from China, 7th is from Indonesia, 8th id from Bangladesh and last one I think from Iraq.

This is the best scene last night. They are from Iraq and my lecturer was also dancing on the floor. I do not know the name of dance, but they just moved their legs with similar patterns and they dance in circle! They toured half of the hall last night. The first round was only the Iraqis. They were really enjoyed themselves in this dancing. I do not know what they said in the singing because it was in Arabic. And suddenly for the last round, our Dato' NC, Dato' Daing Nasir also joined them in the dancing. Hahaha... so nais! The hall light up with the dancing mood from the time. I think everybody is making their moves to see the dancing. Less people sit on the chair~

These booths are from Yemen, China, Egypt and India.

These are the booths froms Libya, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Haaaa... this is the weirdo foods I told you before. Some desserts are nice to see and nice to eat, but some are nice to see but not nice to try, and some are not nice to see but very delicious. Hahaha.. and sorry again! I really do not know the names of the foods. -Failed as blogger-

I really enjoyed myself last night. Thank you roomates for going together to the event! Luv ya all~

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