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Isnin, 7 Mei 2012

yummy! apam polkadot yg fluffy~

Assalamualaikum dears,

Yuhuuuuu! We meet again after....erk how many days already? Hihi...

Yesterday I did this with my aunty. She asked me to teach her to make this apam polkadot because when she did last time, it did not fluffy like mine. Ouh, I mean my apam polkadot, not myself...hahaha

We put blueberry filling inside the apams. Well, it is always nice having apam polkadot with blueberry. Last time I also used strawberry jam but too sweet. Next time I want to use kiwi filling for green apam, strawberry filling for pink apam and blueberry filling for purple apam! Owh, yellow one? Maybe next time I try kaya or pineapple jam. Yeay!

This apam polkadot is nice for door gift wedding, birthday party and potluck! More details please email me zaidatulakmal.mm@gmail.com

See ya!

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  1. maybe apam will produced depending on who is bake them... more fluffy baker, so more fluffy the apam produced....hihi... just kidding k.... :p


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