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Ahad, 19 Februari 2012

Hiking of Panorama Hills, Sungai Lembing

Assalamualaikum dears,

For this entry, I would like to write it in English. Starting from now, I plan to write occasionally in English.. huehuehue... Hope it can be a motivation to me to take IELTS next year!

Yeah, back to the topic. Yesterday, I went for hiking with some friends at Panorama Hills at Sungai Lembing, Kuantan. Actually I did not plan to follow this hiking because I do not know the people in the group. But, when it comes to my mind that I will get bored by doing nothing at UMP, then I decided to go. Hahahaha...

At 5 a.m., we departed from UMP to Panorama Hills with two cars (10 peoples). I was informed there would be other people wait for us there. As we arrived, we performed Solat Subuh at the mosque nearby. There were so many cars, and of course people at the mosque. Alhamdulillah... After solat, we went straight to the foothill. The foothill is located in Sungai Lembing town. The town has classic buildings and it brings nostalgic moments for the passer-by. I think this town was part of colonial history but I do not know the details, so I will not babbling about that. Don't worry!

There were 16 peoples in our group and lead by Mazlan @ Leanny (that's what I heard from other friends). He is a master student at UMP in Civil Engineering. All of the team members are postgraduate students in UMP. Hoho..all UMPians! I thought they are from somewhere else! We started hiking at 6.30 a.m. It was still dark at that time. Oh, I forgot to tell that I met my supervisor there, Dr. Mazrul. Hahaha... (kt UMP x g jupe sangat, kat sini boleh pulak terserempak kan? Kuasa Allah...)

Actually, that was my second time hiking hills. My first time was with my MPP siblings last year, hiking Broga Hills. So, in this my second hiking, I already prepared my mind 100% but physically I did not prepare! I did not go for training at all this week and as I said before, I did not plan to follow them at first. I hoped that my legs will not cramp in the middle of hiking. If it does, I will trouble my team members and I do no want that happen!

At first, we still in group. But then, we separated. Hihi..not everybody has the same stamina and good fitness. I already knew my stamina, so I just walk slowly. When I panted, I stopped, took a deep breath then start hiking back. I did it a few times during the hiking. But I'm not alone. There were two other peoples in my group left behind. Others I think were already enjoying themselves at the peak. But, it's OK! That's a challenge for me.... whoaaaa that's what I like about myself, ACCEPTING CHALLENGE!

This time hiking was not so hard compared to Broga (sorry, I did not write my journey to Broga because internet connection was so poor that time and I lost my enthusiasm to write. Maybe later?) At Panorama Hills, there are already stairs provided for you to reach the top. So, do not worry to bring your kids to experience hiking. The height is about 320 m only compared to Broga, 390 m. Even the difference is small, but it's tiring ok..There were also some children at that time. I respected their parent, they already introduced hiking to their kids at the early age. It's good for their mental actually. They will be trained to face difficulty, motivation and to use their leisure time wisely. Congratez to their parent!

In the middle of hiking, Dr. Mazrul  passed me. hehe..good luck my SV! At last, I arrived at the peak. Oh, so happy you know!!! I thought I will not make it. Thank you Allah...

After some times at the peak, capturing beautiful moments, we went down the hills and bid goodbye to Panorama Hills. We plan to do more adventure next time. Oh, I like it!!!

I think there are lots of photos but not in my camera ( because I don't have one). The photos are from the others in the team.

Hope to see you guys in next trip!

Thanks for reading this entry!

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