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Isnin, 20 Februari 2012

Cinta tak semestinya memiliki

Assalamualaikum dears,

Wah..sebenarnya I malas nk kupas tajuk ni. It's like toink ke atas batang hidung sendiri. But, this time I need to!
Last night, my friend BUZZ me at YM after I unintentionally  ask her about something. I did expect the news spread was all about her, but I just want a confirmation. Then, I asked and it is true. The case was like this...

Once upon a time... (oh, perlu ke?? ni bukan storytelling like the old days in primary school!)

As she said, there was a boy (A) from her school attracted her and she also responded. But they were not coupling (good enough), just trying to be friend (yela..kecik lagi. x yh nk mengada bercinta). After SPM, they separated, furthering study and exploring their new world. Since then, there were no improvement in their relationship, and she thought it ended. She did ask that boy how did he feel towards her ( brave r this girl), and you know what he replied? "Ko mesti rasa sunyi, sebab kwn2 ko zaman ni sume dh ade partner kan?" 

Oh My God! If someone replied that to me, then I die with this embarrassment! But, she did what she felt right. And then she stopped hoping for that boy. She made new friends from her college and there was someone (B) who always care about her. And of course she is truly a girl. She got affected with this affection. For me, it is normal. Girls like to be heard, to be loved, like it when someone care about them. That's GIRLS!

After a few years, this A came back and suddenly asked her, "u dh ada calon suami belum? my parent tanya i, kalu i xde calon lagi, mereka nak carikan. so, tanya u dulu."

Ok readers, what do you think?? That was a kind of proposal right??? If I was in her shoe, I would not feel excited. Instead, I became confused. For her, she already liked B. And now she is really confused! She does not know how to think, not yet to choose!

Oh, sorry. I missed some parts. That B never said he wants to marry my friend. He just told her about his future planning, sharing his problems with her, always caring about her. That's all... And like I said, GIRLS always love this kind of man, who gives this kind of affections, and they feel it's LOVE. Girls are always being deceived by love. *sigh*

As her friend, I cannot help her to choose. She is the one who'll make the decision. I just opened her mind last night and told her, "CINTA TAK SEMESTINYA MEMILIKI~" Ouh..that is true. Sometimes, we think we met the guy who care about her, we fell in love with him and hope to be his wife and have a happy family. NICE! But it is only our wish. But not Allah's fate. How we supposed to know about this? I cannot answer. I think you have to ask Allah in your solat and in your prayers. Allah will give you the best answer.

I do not want her to make decision in her deep emotion. Because she had been away from A for many years, no words, now news, now she thinks she wants to reject him. She just think what she wants. But she did not consider about other matters. 

I hope she will make a wise decision!

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