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Khamis, 1 Disember 2011

Yeay! I got MyBrain15!

Assalamualaikum dears,

It's already a week after I got this news, but just today I can share with you guys.. I got email from MyBrain15 on 23rd November 2011. Hehehe...

I just finished completing the agreement forms and sent to the MOHE last day. I hope the documents are complete and not rejected by them.

Then, I do not have to worry about my study fees anymore, but I have to worry about my monthly allowance. I don't know when I will get the GRS (Grant research Scheme, provided by UMP) money.

FYI, currently I am working part time at UMPH to get some money. But it is not enough. I still lack of money to pay monthly payment for car. *sigh*

Please do pray for me that I will get the GRS as soon as possible, then I do not have to work part time anymore and I can focus on my study after this!


p/s: still in Malaysian Solar Resources doing work!

4 ulasan:

  1. dah submit ker? akk ahr ni bar nk submit..huhu... medical ngn chop saksi lum dpt setle lgi.... rasa cm nk hntr sendri jer, since masih berada di KL ni kan...hehehe....

  2. dah..ptg semalam pos. zai gune medical check up yg mase register. suh doktor UMP sign utk borang mybrain.. huhu...hntr cepat akak... tggl seminggu lg..

  3. kak za, bole dop nk kirim resume ke MSR? hee


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