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Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

the end of Sem 2 08/09


It's been long tyme not updating my blog... 1 month I think.. The Sem II 2008/2009 has ended and it gives mean that the semester break began!! I wonder what am I going to do at home during this break.

I sit for the Final Exam with too much things in my head!! I dunno what kind of result might I get. Last time, I need to get prepared with PROMINDS 2009. It was a training course for the MINDS facilitators for preparation of MINDS week. It gave me a lot of stress and pressure actually. sometimes I feel bored with that, but sometimes I feel very excited. PROMINDS was the biggest event I managed after resigning as MPP. I remembered Alang's words, "wpon kite dh jd mantan, tp jgn kite jd santan." For all facilitators, I'm sorry if the training was so hard to u guys..

After PROMINDS, I did not back to home immediately. I stayed at UMP or week, hanging out with my siblings-Alang, Achik, Abang, Ayie, Awe, Anjang, Akak n Uteh, having dinner with them, finishing the Korean Drama- Boys Over Flowers (where Gu Jun Pyo names come out and my 'sis-in-law a.k.a dayah' fell in love and ignored me!!), and cooking spaghetti with Achik!! Thanx Achik for renting ur room for me about 5 days...hehehe

Actually I wonder where are my other siblings, Adik, Che D, Ucu, Along, Andak, Angah, Cikzu and Cikma.... Some of them seem to be still in UMP but did not show up in front of me at all... it's ok la... I still luv u guys. U mean a lot to my world...

Last semester was the last semester for Abg Sepol in UMP. sad. No more my bro next sem... I need to live by myself la after this...

My bro, Faiz has registered himself in Pahang Matriculation College (KMPh) last Monday. Good luck to him to finish the matrix life!! So horrible and terrible!!!


I need to think of myself. What should I do in this holiday???


Happy Holidays!!!

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