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Khamis, 17 April 2008

My Holiday @ My Hometown

it has been a long tyme not to visit to my own blog!huhu~~actually i myself dunno why so 'liat' wanna update this blog. lack of time? emptiness in my mind? stressful life i had in last semester? maybe those are some of the reasons....


i'm at home rite now after spending my holiday at home about 10 days. yeah..only 10 days. i have to come back to UMP tomorrow for working progress of MPP and expoconvo...

for these 10 days i am at home, i only stay at home.hehe...helping my family to paint our house. the old colour was dark chocolate, outside and inside home.maybe that is the reason why i like chocolate very much...yummmmmmmy........
My mom had chose the colour light greyish blue for this time. it looks nice when already finished painting. so cool inside my house. This coming festive season, everybody will get shock...kui3...

in terengganu rite now, SUKMA is held. My city isvery happening rite now. sometimes, i feel that i'm not in K.terengganu. so many cars on the road, many people on the streets, stores and is very different compared to last year.actually terengganu people do not like very much outing and do shopping. but with the very fast development in the city, there is many attraction places in k.terengganu today. I still not have any chances to visit Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI), new airport and new shopping complexes around K. terengganu. Its ok, next time i'll make sure i visit those places.

ok laaaaaaaa....

c u soon....(in UMP yaaa).

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